About us

JSC Orkla Foods Lietuva is one of a fast moving consumer goods Lithuanian supplier.

It’s been working successfully and profitably for more than twenty years. This is basically caused by a clear vision of the future, careful planning, marketing and fast reaction to market changes.

JSC Orkla Foods Lietuva  is owned by Orkla ASA, one of the biggest groups of food industry in Northern and Eastern Europe countries. Our company represents it in Lithuania. The company is providing work in compliance with the latest technologies and the best European practice in food safety.

Well known HACCP requirements and Orkla Foods Safety Standards are introduced in JSC Orkla Foods Lietuva company. Due to, all produced and sold products in the company are not only of a high quality, but also meets the best traditions as well.

The company is seeking to have leading positions in all it’s categories in the group. In total UAB Orkla Foods Lietuva provides it’s business partners about 130 types of products that are marked SUSLAVIČIAUS, FELIX, SPILVA, ABBA, VITANA, PAULUS brand names with. SUSLAVIČIAUS branded ketchup is a market leader in Lithuania, with its market share of 29.5%*. *According to 2015 year Nielsen data by value

The main goal for JSC Orkla Foods Lietuva is to be one of the most profitable companies of food industry in Lithuania.

Mission. We work to enrich the world of human taste!

JSC Orkla Foods Lietuva work is based on three core values:

  • Brave – We challenge ourselves to be brave - to think more innovatively, to act more boldly, to be world-class. It is the value that is most essential for driving us forward and compelling us to take necessary risks.

    Brave people aim high and love to win. They speak up if something is wrong. They take on demanding discussions and make tough decisions.

  • Trustworthy – Trustworthy people are professional, skillful and reliable. People can trust us. We keep our promises. We take on our responsibilities towards consumers, customers, owners and society. We deliver.

    We are in it for the long haul, and tackle obstacles as they arise. We think and work long term, combining endurance and energy.

  • Inspiring – Inspired people are passionate and burn with a desire to succeed. They innovate continuously. We inspire consumers, customers, partners and each other.

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