Brand names

Suslavičiaus is a well-known Lithuanian brand revealing with the best traditions of food preparation. Being in direct ratio with quality and price this brand guarantees leader positions in ketchup market and advanced positions in sauces’ market in Lithuania. SUSLAVIČIAUS - Only sun ripped tomatoes! 

FELIX presents the highest quality, modern sauces, dressings and ready meals. As Felix brand is modern, fast and convenient, it’s branded products are well known and liked by active lifestyle leading people. FELIX – Makes good things even better!

SPILVA brand leading to the highest quality products reminds us homemade meals’ taste. Spilva brand has a wide assortment starting with dessert sauces, jams, juice to sauces and pickled vegetable. High quality, appetizing package design and rich flavored taste characterize any product branded with Spilva name. SPILVA - Art to cook!

Abba - a new brand in Lithuanian market. Only the highest quality seafood is under this name. Good for health natural Omega-3 source of fatty acid is found in Abba herring and tuna. ABBA -Exclusive quality from Scandinavia!

Vitana – it has been in the Lithuanian market for more than 20 years. Under this name there are a lot of soy sauces, marinates and others. Long term expertise has insured high and stable quality of goods. Vitana – a necessity in every kitchen!


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