Quality system

UAB Suslavičius-Felix is a manufacturer of modern and high quality products only. Because  tough food safety and quality management system is introduced in the company.

The strictest requirements of food safety are applied at UAB Suslavičius-Felix according to ORKLA group, EU quality and safety standards as well.

The company has implemented Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point systems (HACCP), ensuring safety of the products from the very first step – purchase and control of raw materials – until their final delivery to store shelves. HACCP system determines, evaluates and controls Hazard Analysis related to food safety standards. The highest quality requirements are specified not only to careful selection of the suppliers and raw materials, but also includes production, storage, transportation, maintenance of equipment, improvement of professional skills of employees.

This system is periodically checked by Lithuanian National Audit office and internal quality audit of ORKLA group. UAB Suslavičius-Felix manufacturing activities and quality supervising level has been evaluated with the highest estimation by Orkla audit, giving degree of a „green company“ (company, producing totally safe products).

Quality is considered as the basic foundation for existence by UAB Suslavičius-Felix management. All actions of the company are based on the following goals and ambitions:

  • To analyze the needs and expectations of our clients and seek to satisfy them;
  • Continuously improve the quality of products and services, work according to the requirements of ORKLA FOOD SAFETY STANDARD, HACCP, EU and legislation of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Always proceed the requirements for products and services, based on attitude of HACCP system, by composing responsible and competitive team of employees, implementing plan of HACCP, determining Critical Control Point and controlling them;
  • Involve all employees of all levels, by using their abilities for the benefit of organization, achieving goals of the company,
  • Avoid launching of products, that do not match the requirements of quality and safety, to the market;
  • Achieve managing improvement by using systematic and procedural attitude, where decisions are accepted only on the base of  data and analysis;
  • Aim for mutually useful cooperation with suppliers;

In order to practice all above mentioned goals, top management not only provides employees with necessary resources, but also invites everybody to concentrate their efforts on it.

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