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Suslavičiaus ketchup – more vivid taste!
2017 09 25

The new "Suslavicius" ketchup appetizes everything. From now on, it has even more tomatoes, so its taste is brighter than ever.

How has the taste of "Suslavicius" ketchup become more vivid? First of all, its composition has become more vivid, which has been purged to its maximum. This means that it does not contain starch or preservatives or any other foreign ingredients. The only thing that was left in the composition was nothing but a real ketchup. And less ingredients mean more tomatoes - in the new "Suslavicius" ketchup, there is even 62% tomato purée. Thus, the taste of "Suslavicius" ketchup has become not only brighter, but also purer.

In terms of taste, not only the favorite classic "Suslavicius" ketchup has grown. At the same time, shashlik ketchup, as well as tender, spicy, piquant and garlic flavors, which was appreciated by both shashlik and barbecue lovers.

By the way, the new flavor and composition is not the only novelty of Suslavicius ketchup. A bottle of ketchup is also enriched, which is now conveniently placed on the stopper and even more environmentally friendly - with up to 25% of Suslavicius bottle made of recycled plastic.

The new Suslavicius ketchup. Vivid taste, vivid mood.

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